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What is a divorce coach?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

My job is to help people cope better with the emotional roller coaster of a break-up and also show my clients how they can deal with the practical challenges of divorce.

I help them regain control of negative emotions, communicate with their ex, let go of their ex, calm conflict, define co-parenting, rediscover their individual identity now that they are single, strengthen their confidence and self-esteem, find ways to support their children during the breakup. Also, I help them become confident about dating again and help them create a future they are passionate about.

I see clients at all stages of a breakup: “should I stay or should I go” for example, when they are trying to get more clarity on what is the right decision for them;

At the time of the divorce, during the early stages, when the shock and upheavals are destabilising; during court proceedings I helps them deal with conflicts and negative emotions; and even long after the breakup has been finalised because it is very common to be stuck and not be able to move forward when you have to rebuild your life.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

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