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Change is part of life, whether you have chosen it. We all experience transition in life, in our personal life: marriage, divorce, parenthood, mid life, moving, retirement and in our work life: change of career, redundancy, change of employeur or role. 

Transitions can be very emotional to deal with. It requires us to make a change, to adapt to a new situation.


It can be very difficult and can lead to inaction, fear, a sense of loss. We are stepping into unknown territory and we're not sure what to do, what decisions to make, how to take action and we worry about making the wrong decisions. We may need time to grieve, heal before thinking further. This time is precious.


Coaching helps you recover, rebuild and renew your life, it helps you move forward, regain confidence and serenity.  

I am qualified in Transformational Life Coaching. My qualification is certified by the ICF (the International Coaching Federation). I also hold a CPD in Positive Psychology. Some of the techniques I use are  Mindfulness, CBC and Transitional Analysis. 

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This is a video about divorce and break-up recovery. One of the services I provide. 

I coach both men and women - Couples and I also have regular group coaching programs - Book a call or send an email for more information

Are you smart and resourceful but are facing the same struggles? Do you want to get support and strategies to move along the path to creating the new best version of yourself?

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I trained with Animas Centre for Coaching, one of the world leading coaching schools. Their training is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.