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Relationships in times of Covid

2020 saw an increase in the number of divorce in the UK by 122% from July to October compared to 2019 at the same period.

Couples in a closed environment 24/7 can feel frustration, anger, anxiety therefore the existing issues are exacerbated. It can be very difficult to find a way to release stress like we used to pre-lockdown by going to work, to the gym or out to meet friends.

The lockdown has been the final straw for many relationships more than the root cause.

You may also have notice more some annoying behaviours, opinions, habits you partner has.

On the other hand, some couples have felt more united, lockdown has helped some couples in a relationship They spent more time together, felt closer together with a better connection and a better understanding of each other. . hey may have decided to move in together before lockdown, to get engaged or to buy a dog.

If your situation feels more like a pressure cooker ready to explode you may feel like divorce is the only option. In that instance it is important to protect yourself from breaking down. A few examples on how to cope are:

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- Make sure you have time on your own other by going for a walk or if you can find space for yourself in your home.

- Avoid the arguments when possible. When you feel you’re going to snap, take a couple of breaths, pause think of something soothing in your head and then you can answer. You’ll be surprised how you can stop a n argument from escalating with this simple technique.

- Visualise a better place in the future future. Imagine a positive future when all this will be behind you.

- When possible, learn a new skills, change your routine , build new habits that could help you cope with the extra stressful situation. (Mindfulness, meditation, a music that give you energy, journaling, call a friend at night…)

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