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Audrey is a fantastic coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was feeling a bit lost in my new life and wanted to spend more time with my family. I managed to prioritise my goals -This was enormously helpful.

Her strengths are listening, empathy and patience....letting me come to the answer myself. Felt empowering.

- Charlotte, London

Audrey immediately brings about a sense of calm which is so important in setting up the right atmosphere for a coaching session. Audrey also drew on some good quality external resources such as the strengths profile. Audrey listens with intent, allows space for the client to speak and reflects back effectively to the client what has been said in order to clarify understanding client.

- Emma, London

Audrey is a very good listener. she knows the right questions to ask in order to get me thinking about my feelings, how to approach a difficult situation and to bring out the ideas that are hidden subconsciously in my mind! She understands the challenges I face, always encourages me to reach my potential and tailors her sessions according to my needs. Highly recommended!

- Sybil, London

The main thing I got was clarity about the way forward for me. Also, it was very helpful having someone to listen intently and to ‘notice’ things that I had been previously unaware. I also found it helpful to be asked how something made me ‘feel’ because this helped me to tune into what my body was telling me about different situations or circumstances.

I would definitely recommend Audrey because she was friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. Also, she listened well and reflected back well.

- Gail, Scotland

Audrey is an approachable, professional and supportive coach. I contacted Audrey to explore options and concerns and emotions around the next steps in my life. Audrey created a safe space for me to talk, share and listen to my concerns. Coaching helped me clarify my options, structure my thoughts and feel more positive about the future after our sessions.


I would recommend Audrey as a coach. Audrey established a good rapport, so I felt at ease and open to share my thoughts. Her coaching style was nurturing and gentle, allowing a lot of freedom to talk through and explore my current circumstances.

Her strengths are good listener, kind and nurturing coaching style, allowed space for me to think and explore with out pushing me into a specific goal task. Which is what I wanted from the coaching sessions.

- Fiona, London

Audrey helped me make a plan for the next steps I was going to take. She helped me see things differently. Even if our conversations were only on the phone, I was able to get out of it each time full of ideas.

I recommend Audrey because she puts people at ease, she is a person who we trust immediately and with whom we want to share your greatest concerns.

- Nathalie, Edinbourgh

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