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   My Services

  • Coach en relations amoureuses Save your couple/ Sauver son couple

  • Divorce successfully and Recover Réussir son divorce Refaire sa vie

  • Coaching parental et familial Communication/Mieux communiquer

  • Get clarity on a specific question-

Recover, Rebuild, Renew

Why do I need a coach?

 I find myself at a crossroads in my life.

I am feeling stuck.

My divorce harder than I expected.

I am  lacking focus, direction or clarity.

My couple lost its mojo. 

The relationship with my children/and or my partner's children is strained.

The relationship with a family member is conflictual.

I like to be more positive, happier and less stressed.

What is Life coaching 

Life coaching can provide you with a unique time for yourself to focus on your needs, your life purpose and what motivates yo but also deal with your emotions, your fears and uncertainties to enable you to make the decisions and changes that are right for you. 

Life coaching can also help you identify your skills, develop new ones, let go of habits that are working against you, regain your passion and joy to wake each morning feeling you're just where you're meant to be.

How I work 

My unique method, my qualifications and training, my past experiences and my unique way to listen and challenge you will make you feel confortable to share, explore with me and grow into the person you want to be whatever your age, your challenge or situation. 

I am approachable and down to earth, practical yet empathetic, gentle yet challenging. My unique goal is to work in a team with you and help you reach your personal or professional aspirations and vision. 

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Definition of Coaching


Coaching is a conversation-based approach to moving someone from where they are to where they want to be. Along the way, coaching creates clarity of purpose and direction and encourages clients to move towards successful resolution of their issues, challenges and opportunities. It is non-judgemental and confidential.

It is unique in its focus on solutions over problems within the framework of personal discovery.