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Smarter Goals

How to set your goals and reach them

We have a tendency in September to set a massive amount of tasks and obligations for ourselves.

How do you react to the amount of things you need to do?

How would you like to feel?How to choose what to do on your endless list? And how to keep the benefit of the holidays a little longer?

Check what is doable on your "to do list ", what is essential. If not, postpone, delegate or stop the task altogether!

And more importantly what are your needs? We tend to care about others and forget about our own needs at this time of the year.

How to do things differently this year? Listen to the episode #42 #divorce the podcast to get some tips and stay sane!

To help you I'd like to share the principles of the "Smarter Goals"

Before you start seeing yourself objectives, ask yourself these questions:

Specific: You goal should be clear and detailed enough. You need to be able to quantify it. Loose weight: how many kg? More money: how much more?

Mesurable: When are you planning to reach your goal, give yourself a point in the future

Achievable: Is it achievable in the time you set, realistically? make sure you are challenged but that your goal still doable.

Relevant: Is your goal aligned with your life vision and your values?Think of the bigger picture.

Time- bound: Have you set the time you need to achieve your goal? Do you need to split it into smaller actions with set time bound?

Evaluate!: Instead of hoping it will work out, regularly evaluate your goal. Is it going at the pace you'd like? Do I need to adjust anything? You can do this daily, monthly.. depending on the goal.

Readjust!: It doesn't mean failure. Make adjustment as you evaluate. What do you need to change to reach your objective? What problems did you encounter? Adjust instead of giving up on the goal.


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