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It's not about goals in 2022

This year my new year resolution is to be more consistent but I’ve been pushing back every year.

What is it for you? Rebuild your life after a divorce, finding love again, decide wether to stay in the relationship, save your marriage, build a better relationship with a family member, be fitter, change career, move country, write a book, run a marathon.. ?

I’m talking about goals that are hard but achievable, they will require time and effort, a change of mindset, some investment.

Why every year we put them off, how can you this time attain them?

I think the main secret here is to focus on the process, make the process enjoyable. If the end goal is to be more confident, does that mean you’re going to stop the process when you’re confident or does it require a life time change of mindset, habits.. it’s the process that matters as it is what you’ll keep doing.

That’s why diet fail as soon as you stop dieting when you lost the weight but if you focus on becoming a healthier person, then the process never stops and naturally you loose weight because you are a more healthy person that before. And say I’m becoming a healthier person instead of I want to become, it really means you’re doing it! And it helps you shift mentally.

The more you want it to be perfect the more you’ll procrastinate, so

start small, don’t think of the marathon yet but putting your running shoes on is a start! Then run round the block and build up from there!

Often we avoid a task, a decision, an action because of the emotional discomfort, we don’t want to feel lonely and miserable if we get a divorce but how to feel instantly confident and happy? I don’t know the answer to that! So what are your emotional blocks? Do you lack self-esteem? Are you scared of the unknown? Are you being too critical of yourself? Are you in denial?

or, Are you choosing a more short term reward instead?

Going through the discomfort, the difficult emotions is part of the process and that’s often what people are not aware of. That’s where you need the most help with, understanding what is really stopping you but also asking yourself, is it really what you want to do? Or is it what society expects you to do?

It’s not about “I should do x” but reminding yourself why it’s important for you to do it? When you look back in December 2022, in 2 years or 5 years time from now, what difference will it make to your life to start the process now? How will you feel?

I have a lots more tips for you! and to help you kick start your new habits, routine and new life I’m offering 10% off on my 6 sessions package ( to be taken over 3 months max) and my 12 sessions package (to be taken over 6 months max). So book your free discovery call now! Here

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