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How to find true love after a divorce

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Do you doubt it can happen? Does that seem impossible to you? We all need to feel loved, be appreciated and to be accepted for who we are unconditionally.

Imagine being able to be yourself, without fear of being rejected, without fear of other people opinion and their judgment. Imagine yourself with that self-confidence, you are aware of your values, your unassuming worth. You are serene and fulfilled again.

Imagine that the way you communicate has changed. You are aware of the way you communicated with your ex, the destructive patterns of your exchanges which often led to an argument (the blame, the criticism ...) and now that you are aware of it, you choose another pattern. A more productive pattern.

You are the actor of your life, how to take back control of your life, without feeling like a victim anymore? How to make choices with full awareness and confidence. This is the work I do with my clients on a daily basis.

Try to be aware of how you express yourself on a daily basis. Do you need recognition, validation that you did not have in your childhood, for example?

It is important to separate the facts and your interpretation from the facts: Practice, try to identify the pattern.

Getting there is possible, that's when you will be ready for the one person, the one who is truly in tune with you, without games. You no longer want to be saved, you have done the work on yourself, you are calm and will attract a person who is also serene whose past hurts are not going to interfere with this new relationship. There will be a natural balance between you.

I offer a 6-step support to regain confidence, become aware of past destructive patterns, how to recover from these wounds and find another way to communicate. Make new choices now to move forward, find love and be loved.

So are you ready to do the work? Book a free discovery call to find out how you can start:

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