About Me

My journey

Since I completed my studies in economics, I have lived between France and England but I have been living in London for the past 13 years.

Ambitious and hard-working by nature but with a constant desire for adventure, I therefore worked in many industries (in HR, Education, Fashion, tourism..) according to my wishes and my travels until the arrival of my children. Then, I settled in London with my now ex-husband and kept the same job in the education sector while my kids were growing up.

My stages of life

I have always loved change and even though many times it hasn't been my choice, even though it has been difficult to recover emotionally, to rebuild and move forward I am naturally resilient and I am stronger after each set back. 

I decided to change career and to train as a life coach. Naturally, I focused on life transitions coaching to help people go through important stages and challenges like the one I experienced in my life (moving house, countries, getting divorce, going though break-ups, changing jobs and career). Besides, I never speak of crisis but of transition.

We are evolving and our desires at 50 are not the same as at 30. It is therefore important to ask yourself the right questions and to work on yourself so you don't send everything flying off on a whim!

This is where I come in! and this is where my strength is, my area of ​​genius. My mission is to help you find yours!

Why coaching

Coaching perfectly fits my values ​​which are freedom, adventure and joy but also the vital importance of  human contacts, empathy and helping people to give meaning to their life and the confidence and self-esteem to achieve it.

Coaching is person-centered

Coaching is centered on the present and the future unlike therapy, the coach accompanies and supports the person so that she finds her own solutions, it is personal and adapted to the situation of each one.

My approcah 

Are you facing the same struggles? Are you feeling lost and confused and don't know what to do about it? Don't shut it deep inside you! Maybe your body is sending you a message? Maybe it is a little voice in your head? Whatever it is,  personal development, life transitions or career transition. I work with all my clients with respect, kindness and passion. Our sessions are confidential, I'm invested in training regularly and to follow a code of conduct specific to coaches. 

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