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About her

Her journey

Audrey is a relationship coach, a family relationship coach and a divorce coach. my diplomas in Transformational Life Coaching, Relationship coaching and in positive psychology are all accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation), the internationally most recognised reference.


Audrey is familiar with expatriation issues and she understands the challenges and complexity of multicultural environments. Thanks to her holistic approach, she can also refer you to other specialised professionals. She is an emphatic and open-minded person, who knows how to listen and how to build a trusting relationship, without any judgment while observing confidentiality.

Her life transitions

She has  always loved change and even though many times it hasn't been her choice, even though it has been difficult to recover emotionally, to rebuild and move forward I am naturally resilient and I am stronger after each set back. 

After a difficult divorce and a long recovery, she decided to change career and to train as a life coach.

Naturally, she focused on life transitions and more specifically Relationship and Divorce coaching to help people go through these important stages and challenges 

Why coaching

Coaching perfectly fits her values ​​which are freedom, adventure and joy but also the vital importance of  human contacts, empathy and helping people to give meaning to their life and the confidence and self-esteem to achieve it.

Coaching is person-centered

Coaching is centered on the present and the future unlike therapy, the coach accompanies and supports the person so that she finds her own solutions, it is personal and adapted to the situation of each one.

Her approach 

Relationship coaching 


  • My relationships never last 

  • I can’t meet anyone decent for me 

  • How to break my destructive patterns

  • How to improve my confidence 


  • Improve my relationship, understand each other better

  • Manage changes and transitions

  • Learn to communicate better

  • Couple crisis (infidelity, different desire, grew appart..) 

  • Leave or stay: how to make your decision 


Coaching in family relationships

  • Put an end to constant family arguments

  • Build better relationships with loved ones

  • How to communicate to avoid conflicts

  • Manage emotions like anger, frustration, fear, sadness

  • Blended family: make it work 


Divorce Coaching

  • How to make the decision to divorce?

  • Deal with the shock if your spouse wants a divorce

  • Manage your emotions and the end of the relationship 

  • Deal with the divorce procedure

  • How to communicate with your ex-partner, with your lawyer

  • How to organise co-parenting

  • How to make important decisions

  • Rebuild your life


She works with all her clients with respect, kindness and passion. Sessions are confidential, She is invested in training regularly and to follow a code of conduct specific to coaches.

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